When Nigel Ate String…

When Nigel Ate String…

When Nigel Ate String…

Curious little Nigel came to Mountainside after his owners suspected him of ingesting approximately 1.5 feet of string. As the potential ingestion had only occurred about a half hour before presentation, Nigel did not appear to be in distress or have any signs of a blockage.

When an animal eats a foreign object, it often settles and remains in the stomach for approximately 2-3 hours before it moves onward within the gastrointestinal tract. If the animal is able to be seen by a veterinarian within this time frame, in most cases the outcome is favourable. If the object is something soft such as a piece of string, it is usually recommended that vomiting be induced to remove it from the gastrointestinal system. Once the object passes into the intestines, it is no longer able to be removed via emesis (vomiting) and has a much higher potential for causing a blockage. 

Because Nigel’s ingestion was just a short time before presentation, it was recommended that vomiting be induced. An emetic medication was given intravenously and a few minutes later, Nigel began vomiting. Two strands of thick white string came up that measured approximately 1.5 feet in length combined. Nigel was able to go home, where he was to be monitored for any ongoing gastrointestinal concerns, such as continued vomiting or diarrhea. 

Since his visit, Nigel has been doing very well at home and hopefully staying out of mischief!

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