Thank you, Bernadette and Eva!

Thank you, Bernadette and Eva!

Mountainside staff send out a huge thank you to Bernadette and her daughter Eva, for their support and selfless act of randomly “spreading kindness, one smile at a time”, especially with all the heaviness going on in the world right now. They have very generously given 50 handmade masks for the staff at Mountainside and have turned this into an ongoing project to raise awareness for childhood cancer.

Bernadette, was inspired after losing her 9-year-old nephew- Eva’s cousin- to cancer last March and his wish being that “everyone was nice to each other,” giving back, showing compassion and bringing positivity to uncertain times has really been a great blessing in disguise.

She goes on to say that randomly helping others has not only been an invaluable lesson and experience for her daughter but has also been a saving grace in the healing process. What has been one of the most chaotic years thus far is now transitioning into a memorable one, full of many learning curves to remember along with spreading joy, one smile at a time where they could.

Bernadette looks forward to continuing with guiding her daughter through Humanity 101 and will not take the time for granted. Not only has it been a great experience sewing the masks and packaging them but it has also been extremely important having her daughter be a part of the whole process. She mentions that Mountainside’s message has really helped to instill in her how compassion, generosity and kindness can be effective in spreading joy, even with the smallest gestures. (Bernadette considers this a necessary part of her new Covid “home schooling” curriculum – Humanity 101. 😊💞)

From Bernadette:

“Much love to all your staff and a massive “thank you” for being heroes to all our furry little friends. It is essential, considering pets have been a saving grace for many during these uncertain times. Your work is greatly appreciated and not unnoticed. Please continue to stay safe, stay well, and immensely awesome, and please do not hesitate to let me know if you need another batch. Thanks again!”

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