Patient of the Week – Yoda

, Patient of the Week – Yoda

Patient of the Week – Yoda

Yoda is a very nice and handsome cat who has been coming to Mountainside to investigate and treat some persistent sneezing. We took some skull radiographs to try and gain some more information about the cause, and rule out nasal polyps (soft benign growths that sometimes occur in the nasal cavity).

Unfortunately, the radiographs did not provide any additional information for us.

Sometimes, despite doing the indicated tests, we are unable to get answers about what exactly is the cause of certain symptoms. At this point, specialty referral and consultation, and advanced diagnostic imaging (such as endoscopy and biopsies, a CT scan, or an MRIs) can provide us with more information.

Although his mom would like to know what the cause of his symptoms are, she was happy to hear he had a pleasant time with lots of love and snuggles. We hope his sneezing resolves soon!

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