Patient of the Week – Turtle

Patient of the Week – Turtle

Patient of the Week – Turtle

Turtle came to Mountainside for decreased function of her tail, and hiding behaviour. On examination, we found her tail was painful with a scab at the base, quite suspicious for an abscess.

Turtle was sedated, the area was clipped and cleaned, and pus was expressed from the wound.

An abscess is a pocket of pus in the body. In Turtle’s case, her abscess was under her skin. Abscesses of this sort appear as a soft or hard area of inflammation, and the cat may have a fever and changes in behaviour.

If these rupture on their own, the fluid that comes out is usually unpleasant smelling. In cats, these are often caused by bite wounds introducing bacteria, or objects such as sticks penetrating the skin and introducing bacteria.

If your cat has an abscess, the veterinary team will remove the pus by draining and flushing it (under sedation), and ensuring there is no foreign object present.

In order to treat the infection, it is best that a sample of the pus be sent to the lab to be cultured so the correct antibiotic is used.

Your cat will also receive pain control medication for the following days as they heal.

Patient of the Week – Turtle

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