Patient of the Week – Teddy

Patient of the Week – Teddy

Patient of the Week – Teddy

Teddy came to Mountainside for abnormal breathing. She underwent full diagnostics to figure out what was going on to cause this. Radiographs revealed that she had bilateral pneumonia secondary to vomiting. Radiographs revealed another concerning item…corn cobs in the stomach. The corn cobs likely led to the vomiting, which led to aspiration, which led to pneumonia.

Teddy received IV fluids and antibiotics to aggressively treat the pneumonia. Since the corn cobs had not moved past the stomach, we were able to have them removed by endoscopy. Teddy recovered well and went home soon after where she continued to receive antibiotics by mouth, and gastric protectants to mediate any irritation caused by the endoscopic removal of the corn cobs.

We have been seeing a lot of corn cob ingestions lately. Dogs can pick them up out on walks, from garbage or compost containers, and even dropped by birds or other animals in their yards.

Teddy was lucky that it was caught in her stomach and she did not require surgery. Corn cobs commonly move from the stomach into the intestines and cause an obstruction that requires surgical intervention. If you know your dog has ingested a corn cob, bring them to a veterinarian!

Teddy is doing well at home, and we wish her all the best!

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