Patient of the Week – Shadow

Patient of the Week – Shadow

Patient of the Week – Shadow

Shadow was having a stressful time at home…a visiting large dog had infiltrated, and he had recently moved to a new house on his property. His owner noticed he was vocalizing and not urinating, which is one of the telltale signs of a urinary tract obstruction.

This is always a medical emergency.

Patient of the Week – Shadow Patient of the Week – Shadow Patient of the Week – Shadow

One of our emergency veterinarians palpated a firm bladder that was not able to be expressed. Shadow was indeed “blocked.”

A urinary catheter was placed and medication was given until he could urinate on his own. He thanked us for his time here with gentle love bites and offering his soft belly for scritches while he purred.

Shadow also lives with feline asthma and uses a daily inhaler (with the assistance of a human).

Asthma in a cat is not always a medical emergency, but can become one if left undiagnosed and untreated.

Many owners of cats with asthma will notice their cat coughing as if trying to remove a hairball. This is often preceded by exercise or noxious stimuli (cigarette or fire smoke, aerosols scented products), just like in humans.

Asthma most often occurs in older cats, and overweight or obese felines are also at greater risk.

If your cat seems to be frequently clearing hairballs, or coughing, they should go to your regular veterinarian for a check up!

Other diseases will be investigated with blood work and radiographs, and an appropriate treatment protocol will be started that you can carry out at home.

If the disease progresses untreated, cats may become lethargic and eventually they may develop acute respiratory distress that requires quick presentation to an emergency hospital for stabilization, oxygen therapy, and treatment.

Patient of the Week – Shadow

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