Patient of the Week – Reuben

, Patient of the Week – Reuben

Patient of the Week – Reuben

This sweet little gentleman is Reuben. He came to us for inappetence, vomiting, and not acting like himself. On examination, his abdomen was tense and he was mildly dehydrated. His blood-work and radiographs revealed a diagnosis of pancreatitis (an inflammation of the pancreas). This little guy stayed with us for quite a while (and we all fell in love). He earned the endearing nickname of “Mr. Warm Surprise” due to his occasional deliveries of warm surprises of gastric contents.

Reuben was admitted to hospital and started on IV fluid therapy, anti-nausea medication, gastro-protectants, and pain medications. He continued to regurgitate and was started on a constant rate infusion of metoclopramide – a medication used to increase stomach emptying. He continued to regurgitate. We placed a nasogastric tube in order to help aspirate the fluid from the stomach and encourage normal gastric motility.

We consulted with Burrard Animal Hospital where he had an ultrasound confirming pancreatitis, as well as gastritis (inflammation of the stomach). After his ultrasound, he continued to improve at Mountainside, his nasogastric tube was removed, and he was sent home with his loving family. He still has not progressed to living life fully free of regurgitation (and there’s been some sketchy burps), but he does have an appointment scheduled with an internal medicine specialist at Canada West Veterinary Specialists to find some answers!

We adore this little guy, and wish him and his family all the best!

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