Patient of the Week – Poppy

, Patient of the Week – Poppy

Patient of the Week – Poppy

Meet Poppy. Poppy is a beautiful little kitty who came to Mountainside for brown-tinged hypersalivation. She was also uncomfortable around her mouth, and was having difficulty eating and had not been drinking.

On examination, Dr. Parsons found a full thickness laceration of the tongue- it looked like the tongue was split. The wound had some necrotic (dead) tissue.

Poppy was sedated and the edges of the wound were “freshened up.” This just means the necrotic wound edges were trimmed to expose healthy tissue that would now be able to heal.

The tongue was closed using a total of 10 sutures.

Poppy went home later that day with some pain control and antibiotics to give at home. We hope she is back to her usual feline antics!

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