Patient of the Week – Nigel

Patient of the Week – Nigel

Patient of the Week – Nigel

Nigel is a very nice boy. He was having a lovely time at the dog park playing with multiple balls. At one point, he had two tennis balls and one plastic ball in his mouth…and then he swallowed one.

Nigel tried to bring it up on his own, but he was unable to so his people brought him to Mountainside.

When he arrived, he was quite distressed and frothing at the mouth. Poor Nigel!!

Nigel was sedated and Dr. Kumamoto removed a large plastic ball using an external extraction technique! (See the video to view the technique in action!! But DO NOT ATTEMPT this yourself. See a veterinarian immediately if this situation occurs to your pet.)

Nigel is doing well at home and his people would like to spread the word that holding multiple balls in your mouth at a time can, in fact, be quite dangerous!

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