Patient of the Week – Mr. Perky

Patient of the Week – Mr. Perky

Patient of the Week – Mr. Perky

Mr. Perky has had a rough go lately. With the help of his humans, he manages several complicated medical conditions.

On top of all his hardships, he recently came to Mountainside for not urinating. Upon physical exam, he was found to have a urethral obstruction. A urinary catheter was placed, and he was kept in the hospital for 24 hours, hydration, and pain relief.

Being an obstructed cat is quite distressing, and felines often don’t enjoy having a urinary catheter in place.

Despite this all, Mr. Perky’s purr motor remained highly functional, and he didn’t seem super distressed by our company.

After 48 hours with his urinary catheter, it was removed, and he began urinating on his own and was released to the comfort of his home.

When a male cat is not urinating, it is always a medical emergency which can cause complications if care is not sought immediately. Although life-threatening, it is treatable.

Your veterinarian and medical staff will do blood work to assess commonly associated electrolyte imbalances, place a urinary catheter, and provide pain relief and medications to ease urination and help reduce the chance of re-obstructing while they recover.

Cats with a history of urinary tract obstructions will need to be kept on lifelong urinary diets.

With recurrent urinary obstructions, a surgery called a perineal urethrostomy (PU) is commonly performed. This removes the narrowest part of the urethra, which results in a lower risk of re-obstruction.

Mr. Perky’s case illustrates once again the importance of pet insurance, as it enables pet owners to choose the most appropriate care without the stress of financial burden. We highly encourage all pet owners to look into pet insurance.

Patient of the Week – Mr. Perky

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