Patient of the Week – Mojo [VIDEO]

Patient of the Week – Mojo [VIDEO]

Patient of the Week – Mojo [VIDEO]

Sticks are not friends of dogs. They lure them in by being fun to chew on and tear apart, but they carry hidden risks to dogs who enjoy playing with them.

They can cause damage to the tongue and the mouth if chewed on, as well as the esophagus if swallowed. They can also cause injuries to the eyes with their sharp projections.

And as our patient, Mojo, demonstrated—in rare cases, pieces can even get lodged in the penis and prepuce!

Mojo came to Mountainside for discharge, redness, and inflammation surrounding his penis. We were originally unable to perform a thorough physical examination without sedation, so he was sent home with antibiotics and pain control to see if his symptoms resolved.

His symptoms worsened, so he returned to Mountainside for further investigation.

This time, Mojo was sedated which allowed for a thorough physical exam.

A stick was found in his prepuce, which had caused some ulceration to the penis tip.

He continued his course of antibiotics and pain control at home- and wore a cone of shame to prevent licking the area as it healed.

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