Patient of the Week – Luciano

Patient of the Week – Luciano

Patient of the Week – Luciano

Luciano is a very distinguished gentleman (of the feline variety) who came to Mountainside with a wound on his tail that had opened up and was oozing a brownish discharge.

Luciano was sedated, and the wound was clipped, cleaned, and flushed. It turned out to be an abscess, most likely from a cat fight a few months prior.

He went home shortly after with medication for pain and swelling, and an antibiotic to treat the infection.

We hope he is back to feeling 100% soon!

An abscess is simply a pocket of pus that has formed under the skin. Often these are hard to find, and cat owners will first notice once the abscess has burst, or after their cat starts acting abnormally and feels warm (they often develop a fever).

Abscesses are most often caused by bacteria entering a wound from an animal bite, or penetrating objects (such as sticks). The skin will heal and there will be no sign of infection from the outside, and the bacteria will flourish under the skin.

A veterinarian and their team will treat this by cleaning and flushing the wound (sedation is normally required for this). Typically, unless the abscess has been left untreated for an extended period, the cat will be able to go home shortly after this is done (with medication and home care instructions).

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