Patient of the Week – Lenny

Patient of the Week – Lenny

Patient of the Week – Lenny

This handsome kitten is Lenny. He came to Mountainside for one of the most common toxicities that we see in cats… Lily ingestion.

He had gotten into some lilies in the guest room of his home, and his owners found him with pollen on his body and face. They cleaned off the pollen and brought him immediately to his regular veterinarian.

Once there, their team successfully induced vomiting, administered activated charcoal, and transferred him to us. At Mountainside he received ongoing monitoring, IV fluids, and supportive care (and lots of head scritches and love).

Most lilies are toxic to cats, varying in range from mild toxicity to fatally toxic (true lilies and day lilies being the most toxic).

Even small amounts of fatally toxic varieties can be enough to cause severe kidney injury. This also includes the water contained in the vase, and small amounts of the pollen.

If your cat has ingested lilies, contact your veterinarian and bring them in immediately! It is important to decontaminate and provide supportive care as soon as possible for the best outcome.

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