Patient of the Week – Jasmine

Patient of the Week – Jasmine

Patient of the Week – Jasmine

This adorable puppy is Jasmine. She came straight to Mountainside after her owners realized she had ingested a baclofen tablet that had fallen on the floor. Baclofen is a prescription muscle relaxant and antispasmodic used in humans.

Jasmine was having seizures on arrival, and was quickly stabilized. The toxicology experts at Pet Poison Control were consulted. The biggest risk of baclofen ingestion is respiratory depression and apnea; they can stop breathing at any moment.

Jasmine had her own personal Registered Veterinary Technician who sat with her and closely monitored her breathing and oxygen saturation until she regained full consciousness.

When she woke up, her first priority was to eat some food, and show her sweet personality with lots of kisses and snuggles. This little firecracker recovered remarkably quickly and was able to go home the next day.

The whole team was so happy to see her quick recovery. We hope this little sweetheart has a long happy life with her loving family.

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