Patient of the Week – Hetty

, Patient of the Week – Hetty

Patient of the Week – Hetty

We would like to interrupt your scrolling to show you this very cute puppy! This is Hetty. She came to us after ingesting three rocks.

One rock was removed using an endoscope (a minimally invasive tube-like device with a camera), and the other two were unable to be seen with the endoscope.

When x-rayed, there were no visible rocks left, so luckily the other two passed through uneventfully!

If your dog eats something it shouldn’t… be it rocks, socks, or hair scrunchies… it’s always best to bring them to emergency as soon as you know.

In the best case scenario we can induce vomiting and have them on their way back home with you quite quickly.

Or, like Hetty, we can have the item(s) removed using a scope if they haven’t traveled out of the stomach or too far beyond (the scope can also be used to remove items from the very upper part of the small intestine).

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