Patient of the Week – Cooper

Patient of the Week – Cooper

Patient of the Week – Cooper

Cooper came to Mountainside after sustaining numerous dog bites, with the most severe being his neck. When he showed up, it was hard to appreciate the severity of his wounds because of his gentle demeanour and constant tail wag.

Patient of the Week – Cooper

Cooper had a lengthy surgery revealing how lucky he was, with his neck wound narrowly missing vital structures. The next day he was singing us lots of songs– probably letting us know he was ready to head out.

Patient of the Week – Cooper Patient of the Week – Cooper Patient of the Week – Cooper

He went home soon after with some drains, many sutures, and his same happy attitude.

We loved seeing Cooper come back for all his recheck appointments, and he seemed happy to see us too. We are thrilled this animated and lovable guy is doing well at home.

Patient of the Week – Cooper

Wounds from dog altercations are often seen in emergency veterinary medicine.

On arrival, your veterinary team will control any active bleeding and ensure that they are stable, in terms of their vital signs. Further exploration of the wounds is often done under sedation.

The wounds are clipped, cleaned, and flushed to fully examine the depth and severity. If the wounds are severe enough for surgical repair, this is typically done under general anesthetic.

Sometimes repair may involve just placing sutures, but in certain situations drains will need to be placed.

In Cooper’s situation, he went home with many sutures and two types of drains. Two passive drains were placed (Penrose drains).

These work by gravity and body movements, allowing fluid to passively leave the wound as it heals.

Cooper also went home with an active drain for his neck wound (called a Jackson-Pratt (JP) drain).

This collects fluid into a reservoir using negative pressure. This decreases the risk of bacteria infiltrating the wound, and aids in reducing dead space and optimizing fluid removal.

If your dog is involved in an altercation with another dog, seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

We always advocate for pet insurance because it is situations like this where being able to provide the most appropriate treatment makes the insurance invaluable for pet owners.

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