Dr. Tomas Homer

Dr. Tomas Homer

Dr. Tomas Homer


Dr. Tomas Homer chose to brave the cold climes of Canada from the U.K and joined the Mountainside Team in early 2019. Born and raised in Staffordshire, England, he received his Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Edinburgh. After graduation he practiced both general and emergency practice before re-locating to Vancouver. He enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine with special interest in surgery and emergency and critical care.


When not working, he enjoys playing field hockey, skiing, and exploring his new country. (With his field hockey experience we feel certain that Dr. Homer will easily make the transition to ice hockey which will qualify him as a true Canadian!). He also enjoys spending rainy days with his world traveller/house cat Pearl.

Why did you choose to become a vet?

I always wanted a career in science and hated the thought of a monotonous repetitive job. Veterinary was attractive for the investigative side in a patient that can’t tell you what is wrong.


What motivates, drives, or inspires you?

Finding out answers to best advise owners as to what treatment is best for early treatment/management and provide peace of mind to owners. Seeing a wagging tail on a previously painful/lethargic dog or a cat that wants to head bump after receiving the right treatment. 


When dealing with a patient, what impression do you want to leave with the owners/family? 

I will always recommend what treatment or diagnostics I believe to be in the best interest of the patient (regardless of cost) to ensure they are being managed correctly. I try to keep owners in the loop as much as possible (if other emergencies allow for me to do so). I want the full experience of the hospital visit to be pain free and as minimally stressful for my patients (and owners).

To Transfer A Patient

To transfer or refer a patient to our emergency and ICU department or for any out-patient procedure, including Ultrasound, please contact us anytime at (604) 973-1247.

, Dr. Tomas Homer

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Located in North Vancouver, Mountainside Animal Hospital and Emergency Services is here for you and your pet. We will see any emergency, critical care and time-sensitive medical condition. We also accept transfers from our surrounding general practice partners.

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Dr. Tomas Homer

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Call us immediately at 604-973-1247. We accept emergencies, ‘walk-in’ urgent cases, direct transfers and referrals from family veterinarians. To inquire about non-emergency medical care and routine appointment booking please contact us.

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