Veterinary Technician

Where are you from and how long have you lived in Vancouver?
I am from Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico, I move to Canada and Vancouver on November 1, 2018 almost 4 years now.


Why did you choose to become an RVT/VA/CSR?
I am originally a Veterinarian and choose my profession because I love animals and feel very passionate about medicine, so this was the perfect combination, I am working as a Tech while I get my vet license.


What do you love most about being RVT/VA/CSR?
Seen my patients recovering after feeling sick, the feeling of receiving their gratitude waiving their tails and giving lots of kisses.


What advice would you give someone entering emergency veterinary medicine as an RVT/VA/CSR? And what skills are most important?
If you think this is for you, do not overthink it and go for it, it may be a bit exhausting, but it is worth every single moment. You should be very compassionate, remember they are already in distress and very often in so much pain, and make them feel better.


Tell us about a special animal memory
That’s a hard question because I had so many great moments but probably my first special moment that I remember is when I was about 6 yrs old, having a Belgian Shepherd named Maya. When she had pups, she did not let anyone approach her pups but me, I was like her puppy too. Every time I felt sad I used to hide with her and my fur brothers and sisters. It was my sane place, and I think that’s when all my love for animals began.

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To transfer or refer a patient to our emergency and ICU department or for any out-patient procedure, including Ultrasound, please contact us anytime at (604) 973-1247.

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