National Mutt Day – Adopt, Don’t Shop!

National Mutt Day – Adopt, Don’t Shop!

August 1st is National Mutt Day and it seems like the perfect time to talk about the slogan “adopt, don’t shop.”

Here are 5 reasons why adopting a dog benefits you and the dog community:

  1. Less health issues and genetic diseases if mixed breed due to mixed genetics.
  2. Reduce overpopulated animal shelters. Help the endless flow of unwanted and homeless dogs by adopting. You will be rewarded in countless ways with a grateful and loyal pet. Most rescue groups do very stringent health and behavioural screening and offer foster trials to ensure a good fit for all
  3. Often less expensive. In general, mixed breed dogs tend to have less health problems resulting in fewer vet expenses. Adoption fees are also much lower than breeder purchases.
  4. Fight against puppy mills!!
  5. Because it feels good to help the “underdogs” of society!

If you adopted, what made you decide to adopt?

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