Hospital Policies & Procedures

Hospital Policies & Procedures
1) Our staff are important to us! Any form of abusive behavior will not be tolerated and may result in one of the following: 
•You may be asked to leave and seek medical attention at another facility 
•The police may become involved
•We may cease to provide you or your pet(s) with any future services. If this is the case, you will need to contact another facility should your pet(s) need emergency care. 
2) A Treatment Plan (“Estimate of Services”) will be provided for each visit. This is an estimated range of costs from the low to high end of possible costs. A deposit equal to 75% of the high end of the Treatment Plan is required before commencing any treatments or diagnostics.   
3) Unfortunately, due to current COVID-19 recommendations, we cannot accept returns of food or medications (opened or unopened).


•Although we appreciate the thought, we can also not accept any form of donation (I.e., towels, medications, food).   
4) Although we do not charge cancellation fees, we would appreciate that if a visit is no longer required, you please contact us to let us know you are no longer coming in.
5) If your pet is found to have fleas, ticks, or other parasites while in our care, we reserve the right to administer/apply anti-parasitic medications* to help prevent the spread of potentially infectious diseases to other patients in our hospital. This decision is at the doctor’s discretion in charge of your pet’s care and will only be done if it is deemed safe to do so. 


*Please note: The cost of these medications will be added to your invoice. 
Please, be aware that Mountainside Animal Hospital policies may be updated at any time. 
emergency animal hospital, Hospital Policies & Procedures

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emergency animal hospital, Hospital Policies & Procedures

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Patient Transfer and Referrals

To transfer or refer a patient to our emergency and ICU department or for any out-patient procedure, including Ultrasound, please contact us anytime at (604) 973-1247

In case of emergency
Call us immediately at 604-973-1247


We accept emergencies, ‘walk-in’ urgent cases, direct transfers and referrals from family veterinarians.


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