Halloween Safety Tips (Video)

, Halloween Safety Tips (Video)

Halloween Safety Tips (Video)

Halloween is fun for humans but not always for our furry family members. Here are some safety tips to avoid a trip to the ER:

  • Chocolate is toxic to dogs and cats
  • Sugar-free candy & gum that contains xylitol are also toxic to pets
  • Keep cats (and dogs) inside on Halloween night
  • Fireworks are not enjoyed by pets and their sensitive ears; the noise and sight can be very traumatic
  • Unless your pet loves wearing a costume, don’t dress him or her up. If you can’t resist, make sure the costume does not limit movement, does not restrict breathing and is not a choking hazard


Have a safe and enjoyable Halloween from all of us at Mountainside Animal Hospital & 24-Hour Emergency Services.

We hope NOT to see you for a Halloween-related animal emergency!

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