Emergency of the Week – Thorin

Emergency of the Week – Thorin

Emergency of the Week – Thorin

Thorin visited Mountainside after his owners heard a loud bang and found him bleeding hind paw. There was concern for a shard of glass potentially stuck in his paw after his owners discovered the source of the commotion — a broken table. Upon presentation, his paw was no longer bleeding but did appear quite swollen.

Thorin was only slightly reactive to his toes being palpated, and on visual examination, there were some grazes present but appeared to be no debris in the foot pad.

It was recommended that Thorin have radiographs taken to ensure there was no item lodged deep within the foot pads and no fractures present. He was sedated for his radiographs, which luckily showed no evidence of fractures, injury, or foreign debris within the foot. While sedated, the fur on his foot was clipped short and the paw and interdigital areas were cleaned with a chlorhexidine soap solution.

Once his foot was cleaned, his sedation was reversed in hospital and Thorin was able to go home with pain relief and a topical antibacterial cream. He made a swift recovery and after only one week he was back to his normal self.

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