Emergency of the Week – Phil was Attacked by a Dog!

Emergency of the Week – Phil was Attacked by a Dog!

Emergency of the Week – Phil was Attacked by a Dog!

Phil presented to Mountainside for injuries to her hind end resulting from a dog attack. On presentation, she was predominantly non-ambulatory, being able to only walk a few steps.

Her most significant wound was located on her lower back.

She was showing a severe pain response upon palpation of her hips. A full physical examination was not able to be performed without pain relief and sedation due to the severity of her wounds.

Once sedated and more comfortable, diagnostics were performed that included blood tests, radiographs and exploration of her wound in order to assess the extent of the injuries.

Two puncture wounds were noted on the right hip and the right perianal region, as well as multiple abrasions on both hind legs, along her lower back, and the groin region.

Radiographs ruled out any fractures or other skeletal abnormalities and indicated the extent of her wounds were limited to soft tissue trauma of the rear end. No surgical intervention was required for the wounds.

After an overnight stay, Phil was sent home with anti-inflammatories, pain relief and antibiotics, with the intention of reducing pain and swelling and preventing infection.

Since Phil was discharged from hospital, her owners report she is healthy, happy, and overall doing great.

By Erica Watkins, RVT

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