DOGS DIE IN HOT CARS – A Summertime Warning

DOGS DIE IN HOT CARS – A Summertime Warning

DOGS DIE IN HOT CARS – A Summertime Warning


The summer weather is here and every year, an alarming number of dogs die a horrific death that is completely preventable. There is no rule of thumb based on breed, size or length of time left in a car before a dog succumbs to heat stroke, suffocation, and death. It can literally happen in minutes.

Leaving windows open, covering your windows or parking in the shade does not help as there is no significant drop of temperature inside the car.

A seemingly, cooler and overcast day can still generate temperatures high enough to suffocate a dog.

Temperatures in an enclosed space rise very quickly and your dog, who pants to keep cool, cannot cool down in a hot, stuffy space.

Your dog’s enzyme systems will shut down rapidly and he or she will “boil” to death.

DO NOT take a chance with your pet… DO NOT leave them in your car when there is a chance of warm or hot temperatures.

If you suspect your dog is suffering from heat stroke, you need to get him or her to a veterinarian immediately.

Warning signs of impending heat stroke include:

1) Distressed, panting excessively, restlessness
2) Excessive drooling, excessive drooling from nose and/or mouth
3) Unsteady on feet
4) Gums turn blue/purple or bright red

If any of these signs become obvious, whether in a car or not, treat this as a medical emergency and get your pet to the vet immediately.


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