Courtesy Post for Luna

Courtesy Post for Luna

We are sharing an email we received from Thank Dog I Am Out Dog Rescue …

Thank DOG I Am Out Dog Rescue Society is a Not for Profit Dog Rescue Society based out of Vancouver, BC. Canada.

LUNA is not one of our rescue dogs, this is a COURTESY email.

We have been asked to help rehome a beautiful double amputee, a rescue who survived a BCSPCA Animal Abuse case that was resolved in March of this year, 2020.

Luna was then adopted out by the BCSPCA to a loving retired couple – owners of another double amputee and an “abled” body male husky.

After three months in a loving home Luna began to show signs of resource guarding her humans in the home. Outside, she is friendly and curious to other dogs and children. Inside, she will be reactive to the other dogs when they are near either owners.

After a lot of effort, and tears, the adopters recognize that Luna would thrive as an only dog – albeit cats may be fine.

The owners have asked us to help find the “perfect” home for her which we have been doing since June.

Please direct any and all inquiries to Mary Milton at:

Please note, because of her past horrific experience at the BC home she was seized from, with the help of the BCSPCA Animal Abuse Constable in charge, Thank DOG I Am Out will do our due diligence and clear any potential adopters prior to moving forward with any meet and greets.


– 4-5 year old, 43 pound, spayed , female, Collie mix.
– Up to date on all of her shots
– Trained and LOVES her pink wheelchair
– Needs to be expressed daily but is very clean. Bowel movement process has been mastered by the owners – a technique that they will share .

Luna is a very clean dog. She is not currently diaper trained but that is a definite possibility.

She will make a great companion dog who also is allowed to “rock ” her wheels outside. She is a sun worshipper and loves to lie in the sun on grass.

Luna would be best in a home with no other dogs, cats are possible.

She is loving and would LOVE to be doted on by someone at home or retired.

She is happy in an X pen, not so much a closed crate.

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