A Message About Responsible Dog Ownership

, A Message About Responsible Dog Ownership

A Message About Responsible Dog Ownership

Seems like there is a special day for everything and everyone these days and not too long ago it was “Responsible Dog Ownership Day!” At Mountainside we felt that this is a seemingly obvious but extremely important message to share.

Intentionally or not, there are still people who do not understand what dog ownership (or pet ownership, in general) entails.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Invest in pet insurance! It buys financial support and peace of mind, especially in the middle of a crisis. For example, the average veterinary bill in Canada for a bloat surgery on a dog can exceed $5,000 when you include the cost of x-rays, ultrasound, bloodwork, hospitalization and surgery.
  • Preventive medicine is key. Vaccinate and spay or neuter your pet and schedule annual check-ups.
  • I.D. your pet with a tag and microchip in case he gets lost.
  • Research and talk to your vet about a healthy and balanced diet that meets all your pets nutritional needs.
  • Educate yourself on what is toxic or unsafe for you pet- chocolate, marijuana, bones, and many, many more.


Did we mention pet insurance!! We feel so strongly about this, we mention it again!

Go home and give your furry family member(s) a hug and be grateful they are in your lives and know that you are responsible for them living their best lives possible.

Some links to pet insurers that might be helpful:

Pet Plan: 1-866-467-3875; https://www.gopetplan.ca/
Trupanion: 1-855-210-8749; https://trupanion.com/canada
PETS+US: 1-866-382-9656; https://www.petsplusus.com/
Petsecure/Petline: 1-800-268-1169; https://www.petsecure.com/
24Hr Petwatch: 1-866-375-7387; https://www.24petwatch.com/ca

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